Medical compressors

Oil-free, reliable and mobile.

High quality compressed air for the central or decentralized supply in the medical applications.

Special accessories and customized solutions upon request.

Dental compressors

Hygienic, compact and quiet.

Compressed air supply for the operation of dental equipment and systems in practice and laboratory.

Special accessories and customized solutions upon request.

Industry compressors

Low-maintenance, powerful and customized.

Oil-free piston compressors in modular construction with soundproofing and drying unit .

Special accessories and customized solutions upon request.



To our business friends

In these times of great uncertainty, we would like to inform you that we have already taken all conceivable preventive measures to ensure our general ability to deliver.

Our production has full capacity. The supply chains with pre-suppliers as well as logistics have been running smoothly so far.

Already in the last weeks and months we have increased stocks of raw materials, components and finished products to create appropriate reserves.

Given the current dynamic development in connection with the global "corona crisis", it is of course difficult to make long-term forecasts. We are doing everything to meet the responsibility of our employees and our partners and customers.

We are aware of our importance as a manufacturer of products which are important components in life-sustaining medicine, in process and analysis technology, in infrastructure systems, and we do everything in our power to make our contribution to a functioning supply system.

This is a basic prerequisite for overcoming the current crisis situation quickly.

Redundant Compressed Air Supply for Trams and Railcars

This system is now successfully used in trams and other smaller railway vehicles. Realisation of this project is so unique, that German magazine for the railways - ZEVrail published an extensive article on this project.