Medical compressors

Oil-free, reliable and mobile.

High quality compressed air for the central or decentralized supply in the medical applications.

Special accessories and customized solutions upon request.

Dental compressors

Hygienic, compact and quiet.

Compressed air supply for the operation of dental equipment and systems in practice and laboratory.

Special accessories and customized solutions upon request.

Industry compressors

Low-maintenance, powerful and customized.

Oil-free piston compressors in modular construction with soundproofing and drying unit .

Special accessories and customized solutions upon request.


Simple medical compressor

Medical compressor DK50 DE - EASY is the source of modern, clean and quiet compressed air for medical devices.

The 1 cylinder aggregate is available with compressor efficiency of 40 l./min., 50 l./min. and 60 l./min. This model has a dew point below ambient temperature by condensation or can be equipped with membrane dryer as option. The output pressure and operating hours are visible at the backside of the compressor. The medical compressor DK50 DE – EASY can be delivered or retrofit with a mobile trolley as option.

Technische Daten
Technical specification
Spannung und Frequenz (*)
Nominal voltage and frequency (*)
230/50 V/Hz
Lieferleistung BASIC
Compressor efficiency BASIC
40 l.min–1/ 3,5bar
Lieferleistung STANDARD
Compressor efficiency STANDARD
50 l.min–1/ 3,5bar
Lieferleistung ADVANCED
Compressor efficiency ADVANCED
60 l.min–1/ 3,5bar
Peak flow 200 l.min–1
Air tank capacity
2 lit.
Filtration of air
5 μm
Taupunktabsenkung bei 3 bar, 20°C
Dew point depression at 3 bar, 20°C
5°C unter Umgebungstemperatur
5°C under the ambient temperature
Outlet connection
DISS 1160-A
(G 3/4“-16 UNF)
Mode of the operation
Dauerlauffest / Continuous - S1
Wall connection
auf Anfrage / on request
Klassifizierung nach / Classification according to
MDD 93 / 42 / EEC, 2007 / 47 / EC
Klasse / Class II.b
Noise level
≤ 49 dB [A]
Abmessungen (L x B x H) (**)
Dimensions (w x d x h) (**)
470 x 380 x 505 mm
Gewicht (**)
Weight (**)
36 kg

Technische Änderungen vorbehalten. / Technical changes reserved.
* Höherer Druck und andere Spannung/Frequenz auf Anfrage. / Higher pressure and other voltage/frequency on request.
** mit Rollen / with wheels