Dental compressors

Hygienic, compact and quiet.

Compressed air supply for the operation of dental equipment and systems in practice and laboratory.

Special accessories and customized solutions upon request.

Medical compressors

Oil-free, reliable and mobile.

High quality compressed air for the central or decentralized supply in the medical applications.

Special accessories and customized solutions upon request.

Industry compressors

Low-maintenance, powerful and customized.

Oil-free piston compressors in modular construction with soundproofing and drying unit .

Special accessories and customized solutions upon request.

Dental compressors

In the matter of technology, quality and efficiency, our EKOM dental compressors meet the air supply requirements for each size of dental surgery.

Especially in sensitive fields of application, in immediate proximity to the patient, we recommend our soundproof and condensate-free models with membrane dryer and soundproofing box. Highly smooth operation and ultimate air quality represent the most important priorities, both of which provide a pleasant working environment.

Oil-free technology and low-maintenance components make the EKOM compressors the best and first choice when it comes to medical and dental practice equipment.

The conception of our appliances ensures that we are able to answer our customers’ specific expectations, and at the same time we always keep sight of the established quality management in accordance with ISO standards.

In addition, the modular design enables an easy upgrading if new demands arise in the customers’ practices and are to be met in a professional and reliable way.